Lee First Baptist Church
Tuesday, December 01, 2020
Blessing aplenty Serving GOD in 2020


Adults 55+, and/or retired, whichever comes first, AND you have "time on your hands", come join us....We're gonna have Fun In The Lord's Service...and FITL away the day!
Our main objective is to be happy and healthy in the Lord as we continue to age, and to look at the "brighter side of life". We're not "gonna do anything" that we'll have to "make a job out of"....we're just gonna enjoy being with Christian friends.
The Lord wants us to be happy and enjoy the "fruits of our labor"....what better way to do it than to fellowship with those we love in Christ and live each day to the fullest!
There won't be any "SITM's", (Stick In The Mud's), no "OSCAR's" (Oscar, the Grouch) and no "KA's" (no kids allowed)...lots of good wholesome fun, and who knows...you just might get an "EMMY" (hey, that's an AWARD!) 

We will "come together" on the 2nd THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH with special activities, a meal, and just FITL the time away...so clear your calendars now and don't make any doctor's appointments on that day...it's just "gonna be for FITL'n" on the 2nd Thursday of every month!
There are "no dues", (although we MAY "pass the plate" occasionally for a good cause), so just DO your thing by being a part of us.  Come and join us for....