Lee First Baptist Church
Friday, October 23, 2020
Blessing aplenty Serving GOD in 2020


Hey, Have you heard?  It's not a secret any longer...
Glow Kids & 4:twelve (Youth Group)  are going strong !!!   This promises to be a great time for the children of our community.  
Come each Wednesday at 6:30 pm (for dinner) and at 7:00 pm for Wonderful  Wednesday's!
Come and see whaGod has in store for you!!!
Our Youth Group (4:twelve) is very excited and energized!  We'd like to invite all interested Youth
to join us each Sunday at 9:45 for Sunday School 
and each Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  
Great things are happening- God is at work in our group and
there's plenty of room for more Youth!!!
Come out and see what's happening at Lee First Baptist Church!